Like many of your kids, I have been a Minecraft player for many many years. I'd spend hours mining for diamonds with my friends and fighting off zombies. While that's good and fun, there is one spot in Michigan that lets you explore an old iron mine in real life, and there (probably) aren't any zombies to worry about.


detonating fuse and dynamite on mine


Iron Mountain Iron Mine Tour

Way up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in Vulcan, you'll find the Iron Mountain Iron Mine. The Iron Mountain Iron Mine has been offering guided train tours since 1965, taking visitors 2600 feet into the Iron Mountain Iron Mine to show how mining was done from 1870 to 1945. Most notably the "big stope", a man-made underground cavity from years of mining.


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Iron Mountain Iron Mines are open seasonally from June 1st to October 15th, with adult prices available for $20 and children 6-12 for $13, open 9-5 every day. Visitors are greeted by Big John, a massive miner propped outside the entrance. It should be noted there is also a walking portion once the train ride is over.


Iron Mountain Iron Mine History

According to Iron Mountain, these iron mines were used dating back to 1877 by the Menominee Mining Co. and later the Penn Mining Co. in 1885. It was used as an active mining shaft until 1945 when it sat dormant until being turned into a walking tour in 1858. The mine produced a whopping 21,625,000 tons of ore, at one point employing 1500 men.

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