The story behind the gruesome murders almost sounds like it is that of a late-night ghost story you would tell under the covers, while the dim light from a flashlight illuminating your face for the tale.

Get ready for the sad and true story from the Estelle murder house.

The Estelle Home Back In The 1800s

Back in the 1800's, a drifter had stumbled upon a family farmhouse, looking for work. No one is quite sure what had caused the snap, but later that night, the man ended up murdering the mother, dad, three sons and the two daughters. The youngest daughter was hung outside, in the shed.

The Estelle House Today

Today, many people report strange and mysterious happenings throughout the house. Shadows, whispers, screaming, even apparitions.

Some believe it is the spirits of the Estelle families.

Take a look at the decrepit home below:

Look Inside The Abandoned Estelle Murder House In Northern Michigan

A sad but true story, from the 1800s, left this now abandoned Gaylord house in blood, horror, and ruins. Take a look at what remains of the Estelle Murder House now.
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