Escape The Fate vocalist Craig Mabbitt is giving fans a preview of what his upcoming solo album will sound like. Listen to "Edge of Reality" after the jump.

Mabbitt announced he was releasing a solo record in 2012 back in December, as well as revealing that a new Escape The Fate album was in the works. The singer posted on his official Facebook page that he would stream "Edge of Reality" if he reached 50,000 likes. It didn't take long for that accomplishment to happen. You can listen to the song below.

"Edge of Reality" sounds like a mix of ETF and Mabbitt's previous band blessthefall. I really like the guitar riffs in this song, as well as the electronic elements mixed in.

Mabbitt's as-yet-untitled album will be produced by Attack Attack! vocalist Caleb Schomo, who owns a recording studio in Columbus, OH. The record is scheduled to be released on April 9, which happens to be Craig Mabbitt's birthday.

What do you think of "Edge of Reality"? Give us your take below.

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