Escape the Fate have consistently evolved their music throughout their career, from emotive metalcore, to straight-up hard rock evocative of '80s sleaze. Through this, they've released a lot of pretty fun tunes throughout their career, and today they've added a most explicitly party-centric song "Empire," from their forthcoming newly announced album I Am Human, due out Feb. 16.

Sonically, the song sets a completely different tone for the group's music with a catchy synth, leading into some sing along "yeahs!" Lyrically, singer Craig Mabbitt doesn't pull any punches when it comes to getting crazy, as the first few lines drop pretty obvious references to getting wasted. Guitars bounce, staying focused on rhythms over riffs, allowing Mabbitt to throw down his vocal hooks. The best way to describe it, as guitarist Kevin Thrasher says, this is "their own party anthem with a dark undertone."

Of I Am Human, Mabbit states, "We’re getting older, and we’re changing—so our music should change with us. At the same time, we rediscovered what made us who we are. I felt like I was 17-years-old again. I haven’t been this excited to release something since I first joined the band and we put out This War Is Ours.”

Look out for the album arriving on Feb. 16 via Better Noise Records. The group is currently out on tour with I Prevail, We Came As Romans and The Word Alive. Check out where you can find the band right here.

Listen to "Empire" above!

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