We love it when our rockers power through tracks, but it might be a little boring if there wasn't the occasional curveball in live sets. And Escape the Fate have definitely caught some by surprise with a brand new acoustic cover.

The band has chosen to take on the Justin Bieber track "Love Yourself" for a live performance, with frontman Craig Mabbitt taking on the tender vocals while Kevin "Thrasher" Gruft strums along, giving fans a different perspective on the veteran rockers. Though Justin Bieber may not be an obvious choice for the hard rocking band, Escape the Fate take the song and definitely own the lyrics while performing the track.

For fans of Escape the Fate, they should not worry the band is going pop. This was something fun added to performances and the group will be digging deeper into the Hate Me album with a new video set to arrive mid-month.

As for the band's current release, last fall Craig Mabbitt told us, "We’ve been through everything that would usually break up a band and we’ve stuck it out. We’re still here and our fans are still there. There’s not a greater feeling in the world than that. And so, going into it we are just so happy that we saw the opportunity to be here and do this because it’s very rare that you get this. And we’re just trying to live it up. And the fact that our fans have been there supporting us through it all and they’re still here now, to make them excited and please them is obviously what everybody’s goal is when you’re creating something like that."

Escape the Fate have a full spring ahead of them, with dates booked into early June. There is a March leg that kicks off March 14 in Flagstaff, Ariz., before the band catches a breather in April. They'll resume touring on April 30 with shows booked through in North America until June. 5. See all of their scheduled dates here.

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