Are you tired of all the ridiculous political ads yet? Well I sure am.

After hearing about the terror plot against Michigan Governor Whitmer and members of the State Police and Capitol building and finding out some of the meetings were held here in Grand Rapids, I stayed up late to watch the local news.

While watching the news, when they went to commercial break, it was almost all political ads the entire show.

Now I get politicians need to get their name out but that is not what I witnessed. All it was mostly lies from either candidate about the other candidate. I know this is nothing new in politics, it's been this way ever since elections began.

It's just sad that truth and integrity have been thrown to the wayside and instead we are stuck with nothing but garbage and fear mongering.

I hear similar ads on my own radio station and it to be honest, pisses me off.

Every time a journalist interviews an undecided voter, 99% of the time when asked what are they are looking for in a debate or a candidate, the answer is, "what is the candidate's plan" for a variety of topics.

Knowing that, why can't we get some substance from a politician? Why is talking down the opponent more important than your plan to fix the city, township, state or country?

The political ads were so bad last night that I began laughing during the commercial breaks. That's right, I am laughing at all politicians who don't give me truth, facts and actual plans to fix the problems. Guess what? I'm not voting for you either.

I did my research and have already voted, but I didn't vote for anyone who didn't have an actual plan.

If you plan on running for office in the future, get a plan and follow through or I won't vote for you either.

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