One way to get around in all this snow is with snowshoes and several Michigan parks offer up some great opportunities for hikers of all ages.

I have only had to wear snowshoes one time in my life and oddly enough it was my very first time ever traveling up north. A church friend had a place up near Petoskey and we got pelted with snow. In all my life I have never seen that much snow.

We stayed in my friend's cabin and it snowed so much and the drifts were so high, we had to crawl out of a window, put on snowshoes to go and shovel out the front door. Being in junior high school at that time, it was quite an adventure.

Up until that time in school, I had never missed a day of junior high school, but that all changed when I went up North for my very first time. We went up for the weekend, got snowed in for a week and wound up staying the next weekend since we were already there.

The first few days of the snow storm, my buddy and I had to dig out the cabin and his mom's station wagon but there was no shoveling out the driveway. We luck out because a neighbor had a tractor who actually plowed the road that led to the cabin and that is how we got out.

We did a lot of hiking since there wasn't anything else to do and we did it in snowshoes and it turned out to be quite fun, unless you fall over, which we did several times. It is a little tough to get back up but if you get out on some snowshoes I highly recommend you bring along some ski poles or hiking poles if you have them. Getting up is a lot easier with the poles.

Well now that most of Michigan is buried in snow there is some quality hiking available for those who want to take the challenge in snowshoes.

According to MLive, there are some great places to snowshoe is parks all over Michigan like Hartwick Pines State Park or Tahquamenon Falls.

If you want to get up close to mother nature in the winter, slap on some snowshoes, pack a lunch and some water and visit any of those parks mentioned or even google a few others.

It is recommending not to just take off in the snow just anywhere, it's probably a good idea to get a guide at one of the parks but click here on the DNR's site for plenty of snowshoe adventures.

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