I swear every time I turn around, someone I know is getting engaged or married. I'm not complaining by any means, it's a super exciting time!

I'm your typical millennial, I want all of the tea. I have to know how it happened and where. So, obviously I love all of the pictures and creativity behind the event.

Are you thinking about popping the question sometime soon?

Well, if you don't have your mind set on a place yet and you're up for a little adventure, I'm here to help. I found the perfect spot for you and your loved one in Grand Rapids.

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About Provin Trails

Originally when I was looking at Provin Trails, I was just going to write about how it's a great place for a hike. But when I was searching on Instagram for pictures, I stumbled across a lot of engagement and wedding photos.

Let me just say that it doesn't matter what season we're in, Provin Trails is full of beauty and light. Look at how cute this engagement is!

I mean seriously, I could spend hours scrolling through these engagement photos at Provin Trails. I love the way the sun falls through the tall trees and I'm not normally a fan of winter. But do these pictures not make you want to change your mind about pictures in the snow?

Maybe you're already engaged but haven't decided where it is you want to get married, why not do it here? I'm no photographer, but if you get married in the fall, the changing leaves will make your wedding photos pop.

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