It's election day and as those long lines are forming, COVID-19 cases in Michigan are on the rise.

According to WOOD, in just two days, Michigan has confirmed nearly 7,000 new cases of COVID-19 in just two days.

Michigan hasn't seen a spike like this since May and if things continue at the rate they have been going in October, the state will soon pass the peak in April as well.

You can fight the science all you want but it is a proven fact that wearing a mask will cut your chances of getting coronavirus by 70% and this will also help cut down on catching the flu so why not go with what works?

Let's not forget social distancing, washing hands and staying out of crowds. These are all easy things to do.

Millions of people will line up at the polls before the end of the day today. The couple polls I drove by on the way in to the station already had big lines but I was glad to see social distancing and most wearing masks. Now I said most...not all.

I don't believe we have to shut everything down but we all don't follow the CDC guidelines on the ways to prevent catching the virus, a shut down will be inevitable.

Just under 7,400 people have died since from COVID-19 since March and at the pace we are going in October and now November, this number is going to severely rise if we don't get a handle on this virus. Even China is doing better at this than we are and the virus originated there.

Over 700 cases have been confirmed in Kent County alone in four days.

Branch, Calhoun, Kalamazoo and Ottawa Counties have all had new deaths due to COVID-19.

The CDC recommends states be at 4% testing positive or less and right now Michigan is at nearly 8% and rising.

We all need to be way more disciplined in following the safety guidelines provided by the CDC. The next 5 months are the most crucial for the virus and flu season to spread and we will shutdown if we don't turn this around now.

For those voting today, plan a head, be prepared, and vote safely.

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