Every year, Niche.com releases lists of the best neighborhoods, cities, and schools in the country.  The website takes a variety of data and metrics to determine their rankings.

"Explore the best places to live in the U.S. based on crime, public schools, cost of living, job opportunities, and local amenities. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, CDC, and other sources." - Niche.com

We've grabbed the top 15 from three different lists from Niche that are specific to Michigan.  Below you can check out the best places to live and raise a family in Michigan.

  1. Okemos
  2. Ann Arbor
  3. East Grand Rapids
  4. Bloomfield Charter Township
  5. Beverly Hills
  6. Troy
  7. Huntington Woods
  8. Grosse Pointe Farms
  9. Pittsfield Charter Township
  10. Lodi Township
  11. Grosse Pointe
  12. Grosse Pointe Park
  13. Northville Township
  14. Birmingham
  15. Novi
  1. East Grand Rapids
  2. Okemos
  3. Lodi Township
  4. Grosse Pointe Farms
  5. Northville Township
  6. Grosse Pointe
  7. Forest Hills
  8. Ann Arbor
  9. Grosse Pointe Park
  10. Northville
  11. Huntington Woods
  12. Troy
  13. Pittsfield Charter Township
  14. Bloomfield Charter Township
  15. Novi
  1. Ann Arbor
  2. East Grand Rapids
  3. Bloomfield Charter Township
  4. Beverly Hills
  5. Troy
  6. Huntington Woods
  7. Grosse Pointe Farms
  8. Pittsfield Charter Township
  9. Lodi Township
  10. Grosse Pointe
  11. Grosse Pointe Park
  12. Northville Township
  13. Birmingham
  14. Novi
  15. Forest Hills

One other Michigan-centric thing to mention from Niche.com's 2017 lists is that Ann Arbor was named the best city to live in America!  The next Michigan city to appear on that list is our very own, Grand Rapids at #68!

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