A man turned himself into police claiming he killed his two friends.

According to WZZM, Kentwood Police were contacted Monday morning that 34-year-old David Isner was missing and last seen November 27. When police went to Isner's home to check on him, they found a disturbing scene.

Kentwood Police Chief Richard Roberts said, "when officers investigated in the home, they found an alarming amount of blood and other evidence, which was indicative from our experience, of a very violent struggle."

Police located Isner's vehicle but had not discovered his roommate.

Police located Isner's roommates vehicle at a nearby mobile home park but still were unable to locate the roommate.

Kentwood Police discovered that the roomate was near 54th Street and Division Avenue and almost instantly received a call from a business at the same location from a man asking to turn himself in on killing two of his friends.

The suspect indeed turned out to be the 36-year-old roommate of Isner.

Kent County detectives discovered a second victim at the mobile home park where the suspects vehicle was located. The second victim turned out to be 63-year-old Ed Fuller. When detectives spoke with the suspect the found out he had moved Isner's body to Walker.

Isner's body was located near Lake Michigan Drive and Wilson Avenue around noon on Tuesday with multiple stab wounds.

Both victims are now being looked over at the Kent County Medical Examiner's office.

The suspect is currently residing at the Kent County Jail until arraignment.

Both the Kentwood Police Department and Kent Coutny Sheriff's Office will keep working together on investigating the two murders.

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