Today on Segment 16, the guys enjoy a news story where there's a bus! Did you know it was perfect bus-viewing weather? An amazing bus has come to Kalamazoo, and people are cheering and super excited that the bus has come to West Michigan! OMG a bus!

This weekend is the big game, as WMU attempts to remain undefeated, going up against the Buffalo Somebodies...Buffalo, located in the city of Buffalo, in New York.

But more importantly, ESPN GameDay is in KZoo...Kirk Herbstreet (or Herb Kirkstreet...wait for it), and famous football meatheads people can stand behind holding signs and stuff.

The guys want their big heads on TV, so if you're going out, take a giant FBHW head with you! Not their actual heads, you creep. Like, a big picture thing.

No one has ever been so excited about seeing a bus as KZoo and this reporter, Lauren Edwards. Yay, Bus!

Oh, and the guys totally want to keep the website exactly as it is.

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