A pub owner in Ireland says a Grand Rapids beer is a top seller in his pub on St. Patrick's Day!

Gareth Cummings, who runs Thomas House in Dublin, gave props to Founders All Day IPA in a Reddit AMA session.

According to The Grand Rapids Press/MLive Media Group, the pub owner started the conversation by posting:

I'm back again for a mini session. Yes it's St. Patrick's Day. And yes I own and run a pub here in Dublin. It's 11:45 a.m. and the streets are already busy. We open for business in one hour. We are The Thomas House and we're located at 86 Thomas Street in The Liberties area of Dublin. So feel free to ask me anything about this, one of our busiest days of the year."

The questions began pouring in, including:

  • "Do you deliver?"
  • "How much beer do you sell today?"
  • "How many people on average do you have to kick out on St. Patrick's day?"

One user asked for the three top-selling beers and whiskeys.

For whiskeys, Gareth said Jameson, Powers, and Bushmills take the lead.

For beers?

Guinness. Founders All Day IPA. Porterhouse Red Ale."

An excited Grand Rapidian commented,

I'm from Grand Rapids, and that lit up my face to see that Founders is having that much reach overseas, especially on a big day like today!"


To which Cummings replied,

The guy who owns Founders is Irish. So, of course we sell it!"


Lots of other users chimed in with praise for Founders Brewing Co. You can check out the whole thread here.

In December, Founders continued their global expansion by adding a new international partner: Mahou San Miguel brewery in Spain.

According to Founders' website, the brewery's world-wide popularity is growing.

We have been ranked in the top breweries in the world by Ratebeer.com for the last five years, and we have several beers listed in the top one hundred beers of the world on Beeradvocate.com. We’ve won six World Beer Cup medals."


The All Day IPA that pub patrons in Dublin are drinking up for St. Paddy's Day is a session ale, which means it's lower in alcohol content. It "keeps your taste satisfied while keeping your senses sharp."

In this video, Founders Brewing Co. Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki explains the conception of All Day IPA, and what Founders session ale is all about.

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