A Michigan man has been arrested after a bizarre encounter with police Monday afternoon.

Police were called to a BP gas station in Scottville, Mich. after receiving a call that there was a man in the parking lot who was covered in blood and waving deer meat around. If that wasn't weird enough, Up North Live reports that at one point, witnesses say the man got into (and then just sat in) a car that did not belong to him.

When police arrived, the man was still in the car (and still a bloody mess.) He then left the gas station and went into a trailer next door. Police followed and found blood in the yard and on the front porch of the trailer.

When police knocked on the door, they were met by a man who rushed at them screaming, and then proceeded to fight when them in the yard. It is unclear if this was the same bloody, meat-wielding man from the gas station parking lot.

62-year-old Ron Purple was arrested, and his bond has been set at $3,500. Witnesses described Purple as being extremely intoxicated, though Up North Live also reports that the witnesses police spoke with were also pretty drunk.

Where did the blood come from? Well, all four of the extremely intoxicated people at the trailer said that it came from a deer that had been hit by a car. They were cooking the venison from said deer in the back yard.

In what comes as no surprise to anyone, police say that alcohol was a "major" factor in the incident.

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