Looks like America is not winning the war on drugs with the pandemic giving more time for people to turn to drugs in 2020. Drug overdoses at the highest ever in history.

You would think will there being such a focus on helping people who struggle with drugs and all the information that is out there that less people would be doing drugs but that is just not the case.

According to FOX 17, the CDC recently announced that nearly 90,000 Americans have OD'd in 2020 and that is the highest number since the drug epidemic started in 90s.

It is so much easier than ever for people to get their hands on prescription drugs that are now more potent and addictive than ever. Not to mention all the illegal drugs that are out on the market and seem to be easier and easier to get.

When I was growing up as a kid and teenager, yes we heard of heroin but that was just something you never see. Now you find heroin and a variety of prescription drugs available in the finest of fine neighborhoods across the country.

People use as a way of coping with life while others do it for what they call fun. Unfortunately that fun lands many people in the hospital or the graveyard.

With the pandemic creating even more hardships that the country already had, from more unemployment, isolation and depression, many turned to drugs to escape.

Some states like Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Washington D.C. have seen their overdose numbers are up 40% which is way too much of an increase in a years time.

Plus a lot of people are buying what they think are prescription drugs and in fact people are pressing their own pills that most of the time don't even have the drug the person thought they purchased in them. Fentanyl is a much bigger problem than most people know because its potency and and general danger as a drug adds to the death toll.

We are going to have to better as a country, a state and the town and city you live in to get these numbers to go down or the numbers will just keep rising.

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