If you are borrowing someone else's Netflix password to stream, you better watch out because they are cracking down.

There's nothing like kicking back with a movie on Netflix, chilling with your significant other, maybe a few adult beverages and maybe even a little recreational for those who partake.

Netflix and chilling is fine as long as you have a subscription to their service and your own password.

According to WOOD, the Netflix technical po po are gonna crack down on the slackers that are borrowing passwords from friends, family and neighbors. The streaming giant say their going to start sending pop-up messages to the ones they think are being sneaky and watching by using another person's account.

Its gonna really suck if you get pop-ups while you are watching a movie on Netflix and its actual you, who have a subscription, that is using your own account.

So the break down of how Netflix will verify if it is you or someone else using your account:

  • If you get a pop-up you will need to verify the account with your E-mail or a Text Code will be sent to your phone.
  • If you are using someone else's password to stream Netflix shows, you will be asked to create a new account that will come with a 30-Day Free Trial. Which is a pretty nice gesture to you since you are technically stealing from them.

Just like any other software or internet service, Netflix is just trying to make sure people who are using their service are actually the ones authorized to do so.

Netflix states in their rules that a password can only be shared with the members that actually live in the household. So basically as soon as the password gets outside of that circle they have a problem with that account.

This is going to be hard for Netflix to police simply when there are a lot of kids in a household who stream all over the town they live in. My guess is that subscribers will eventually have to put all of the household users on the account.

They say (Netflix) they are not sure if this will lead to a nationwide crackdown but odds are, something will change, especially when there is money at stake for the streaming giant.

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