Everyone has been saying that we are not going to be having a White Christmas.  I say, NO WAY!

Historically, West Michigan has about a 61-75% chance of having a White Christmas depending on where you live.  So, we already have the odds in our favor.

WZZM 13 is forecasting snow on Thursday and Friday, WOOD TV 8 predicts a chance of flurries on Sunday and a chance of snow on Monday, Weather.gov says that we will have rain and snow mix on Thursday and Friday, Accuweather forecasts snow on Friday, and finally Weather.com predicts snow on Friday morning.

Well, it seems that the consensus is that we will see some snow in one of the 4 days leading up to Christmas.  And the temperature will be in the lower 30s, leading up to Christmas, so any snow should stick.

I'm no meteorologist, but I am going to go ahead and predict some lake effect snow to come blowing in because as the warmer air leaves and the cooler air comes in, snow happens.  Right?  I think that is how it works.

So there you go!  Here are the reasons that we WILL have a White Christmas:

  • Historically there is over a 50% chance of us having a White Christmas.
  • Every weather service is predicting snow before Christmas.
  • It will be cold enough for any snow to stick.
  • Even though no one is predicting it, we will get a bunch of lake effect snow.

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