I wish this was a euphemism but it's real life.

The FDA is currently investigating an outbreak of hepatitis linked back to fresh (non-organic) blackberries sold at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. The outbreak is linked to three states (Nebraska, Indiana, and Wisconsin) but the distribution center ships those berries to 11 states including Michigan. Therefore, anyone who has purchased these blackberries is advised not to eat them.

The affected blackberries were sold between September 9-30, 2019 at stores in the 11 states.

People who purchased the fresh blackberries and then froze those berries for later consumption should not eat these berries. They should be thrown away.

There have been 11 reported illnesses and 6 hospitalizations.

If you did eat those berries in the last two weeks, make sure you have you are already vaccinated for hepatitis A (HAV). If not, or unaware, see your doctor.

Hepatitis A is a contagious virus that can last several weeks to months and can cause liver disease. One can become infected with hep A by consuming bad food or water. The illness usually begins 15-50 days after being infected.

According to the CDC, as of November 20th, the outbreak is ongoing.

Get more info about the symptoms of hepatitis A here.

Fresh Thyme has two stores in West Michigan: Grand Rapids and Portage.

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