Someone shot a dog in the head and left it to die.

Most people love animals whether they have one or not but it blows me away when I hear about someone harming an innocent animal that they chose to have and decide they don't want it anymore.

According to WOOD, a German Shepherd managed to arrive at the home of the president of the Animal Aid of Branch County in Coldwater, Michigan, three days after being shot in the head.

This is a story of bad luck becomes good luck for the three-year-old German Shepherd.

The dogs owner, 21-year-old Alex Carr, apparently shot the dog and just left her for dead because he said the dog was chewing on his babies clothes and toys.

Somehow the German Shepherd had the strength and will power to try and survive with a bullet lodged in her skull. She wondered and rested for three days before making it about a mile from the original owners house to most perfect house, the home of Sally and Wayne Geer.

WOOD spoke with Sally who said, "(Wayne) saw her stagger into the end of our driveway and her head was very tilted, and he knew that wasn't right."

Little did this dog know that she picked the perfect home to stop at. The Geer's quickly got her to the vet, got the bullet out and continued her recovery.

The vet not knowing the name of the dog at the time listed her at Jane Doe just like a missing person. Sally and Wayne didn't no what to call her so they stuck with Jane but then her husband said, "no, she took a bullet and managed to survive it, so she's G.I. Jane."

G.I. Jane is now recovering with Sally and Wayne. Sally is going through all the people who have applied to adopt her so G.I. Jane will soon have a new family to look after her.

As for the dogs original owner, Alex Carr, he is looking a four year felony charge of animal cruelty. Carr's next day in court will be August 17.

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