Do you get excited when you hear food trucks are gathering? Then get ready for the world's largest food truck event to gather in Ionia.

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Food Trucks Make Me Happy

I work right in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, and I have to admit, when I see food trucks gathering at Rosa Parks Circle I get excited.

I was out of town this weekend with a band I occasionally will play a show with once in a while. This particular show was at an ethnic festival where a variety of food from all over the world was being served from food trucks. Oh, the smells of food and the variety of choices made it tough to make a choice but I enjoyed the challenge.

World's Largest Food Truck Event is Coming to Ionia

Can you imagine food truck after food truck after food truck? You no longer have to imagine the world's largest food truck event because it is coming to the Ionia Apple Festival for two days and admission is free.

Just a heads up there is a $5 per carload parking fee but if you bring a donation of canned food or other nonperishable food times parking is only $1 per carload.

Something that really helps a person make the best use of a massive food truck event is to know who is coming so you can make the most of your food options and plan your meals accordingly.

List of Food Trucks Coming to Ionia

Below you will find a list of food vendors for the world's largest food truck event that is coming to the Ionia Apple Festival on October 7 and 8.

  • Casa De Los Abuelos
  • Clark Concessions
  • Copper Cup, Mini Donuts & Coffee
  • Crunchy Bits and Bites
  • DeStefano's Wood Fired Oven
  • Findley's Concessions
  • Fl Spud Stud (Florida)
  • Glazed and Confused Mini Donuts (Florida)
  • Grand Traverse Pie Company
  • Grumpy's Food Trailer
  • Jimmy Bodean's Let's Get Toasted (Florida)
  • LKB Concessions
  • Nagel's Food Service
  • PizzaMI
  • Superior Kettle Corn (10/7 Only)
  • Tasker's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
  • Taqueria Tomatitios
  • TWest Concessions
  • Waffle Stix

The list is still populating so stay tuned for more food truck options.

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