Recently we posted a story about a man catching a steelhead trout that had a wedding ring attached to it...well the DNR is not happy with the man who attached the so called unlucky ring to the fish.

According to WOOD, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources may charge the Newaygo man who strapped his wedding ring to fish with animal cruelty.

Jason Rose landed a steelhead near the coast of Whitehall and used a zip tie to put his wedding ring to the fish tail. Rose who was recently divorced felt the ring was unlucky so instead of throwing it in the water, he tied it to the fish.

A month later, Jim Nelligan caught the steelhead while fishing off the coast of Chicago which lets you know these fish really travel in Lake Michigan.

The DNR says, although the practice is strongly discouraged, it's not uncommon for an angler to tag a fish they catch.

Because of the stress it can cause a fish the DNR are tagging fish internally for scientific research and so it doesn't harm the fish.

Rose got beat up pretty hard on social media for putting the ring on the steelhead, but he also didn't think it would stay on the fish that long.

Gunderman says to leave the tagging of fish to the experts.

The DNR are still weighing if they should charge Rose with a crime. So I guess we will have to wait and see if that ring is unlucky for Rose one more time.

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