The Department of Natural Resources say that because of the low water levels there is more room for people on the beach and expect big crowds Memorial weekend.

There is nothing like going to the beach on Lake Michigan but it is extra special when there is more room to give everyone a little more space. More space is still important since everyone has not been vaccinated in Michigan.

According to WOOD, the U.S. Army Corps or Engineers are saying that the water levels this year are about one foot lower than they were last year at this time. That may not sound like a lot but a foot of water in Lake Michigan is a lot.

We just didn't get the rain this year like we did last year and actually, we have not gotten enough rain this year.

This Memorial weekend should be a stellar weekend for camping and going to the beach. Many campgrounds last year were not open last year at this time because of COVID-19 but this year hopefully you reserved your spot early.

Muskegon State Park unit supervisor Greg Sherburn said, "it's amazing to be able to have people back. We didn't have this campground open at all last year."

There were record highs of water levels on Lake Michigan in 2020 which didn't leave a lot of room on the beach and in some cases messed up camping for those campgrounds that were too close to water.

With more and more people getting vaccinated, Michigan beaches and campgrounds will more than likely have a record breaking year with people being cooped up for so long.

If you are looking to do some camping this year, you better plan a head and make reservations as soon as you can. Here is a list of campgrounds Michigan has to offer.

If you are looking to use up some of the beach real estate that is available this year and you are looking for some new sand to put your toes in, here is a list of Michigan beaches.

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