They're one of three NBA teams offering up their venues.

The Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks are all offering up their facilities to be used as polling sites for the 2020 Presidential election.

According to NPR, polling officials in major cities are searching for places that are large enough for people to vote and social distance at the same time.

This comes after many NBA players have turned to activism after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

It's also worth noting that all three teams are located in battleground states. The Hawks were the first to offer a venue, the State Farm Arena, as a polling location. The Milwaukee Bucks have offered the Fiserv Forum (can be compared to the Little Caesar's Arena), and the Pistons have offered the Henry Ford Detroit Pistons Performance Center, which is located on Amsterdam Street in downtown Detroit.

via Google Street View
via Google Street View

The Pistons are working with the city clerk's office and the secretary of state to use their training facility as a polling place, as well as setting up a "register to vote" platform on their website.

I love this idea, and obviously I'm biased because I'm from Milwaukee and now live in Michigan. Of course, my only question is...why not the Little Caesar's Arena? They're the only team not to offer up their arena, and both locations are near each other in downtown Detroit.

Either way, this is a GOOD thing.

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