The Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos made a trade, it cost the Lions two draft picks from next year but they picked up a talented new receiver.

The Detroit Lions gave up a 5th and 7th round pick next year in the draft and picked up a 2023 6th round draft pick and Denver Broncos wide receiver Trinity Benson who had been on the practice squad for two seasons and was a superstar on the field this summer.

We all know the Lions sure could use some good receivers with many leaving after last year's season.

It wasn't that Trinity wasn't good enough for the Broncos, they are just so deep with talent in the receiver area that there just wasn't room for him to make the cut.

According to WOOD, Broncos GM George Paton said, "he came from nowhere and for to develop into an NFL wide receiver, we had a lot of teams calling on him, I think it's a great story and the credit goes to Trinity. And we just thought it was a win-win: a win for us to get value, a win for Trinity and really a win for the Detroit Lions."

Well hopefully that wasn't just a great sales pitch from Paton and this trade pays off for the Lions. You just can't tell right now how good or bad the Lions are during pre-season with barely any of the starters playing or playing that long.

“He was down the depth chart here because we are talented there. And it’s a credit to him that teams were calling,” Paton added. “And we just thought it was a win-win: a win for us to get value, a win for Trinity and really a win for the Detroit Lions.”

Benson weighs in at 180 lbs and stands 6 feet tall. He was undrafted in 2019 coming out of Division II East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma so its easy to see how he might have been overlooked by NFL teams who lean toward drafting players from the bigger named schools.

Now Benson had a solid pre-season this year pulling down 8 catches for 80 years plus touchdown passes from Broncos Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. One of the 8 catches seemed uncatchable but he managed to rise above two defenders and pluck the ball out of mid air.

Benson also has some wheels and proved it with an 80 yard touch down pass that tied a record for the longest in the league during a pre-season game.

As a player for the Broncos, Benson new he was an underdog but didn't let that stop him. WOOD reported Benson said, "I came from the D-2 level, so I always come out here with a chip on my shoulder just to show that I can play with the big boys."

I guess we will find out more about Benson when the season opener kicks off Sunday, September 12, as the Lions host the San Francisco 49ers.

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