The clock is ticking for the Detroit Lions today who have until 4 p.m. to make a trade. Will they dare trade Golden Tate?

According to MLive, calls have been coming in for the Lions top receiver but management says trading Tate is all a rumor.

Lions coach, Matt Patricia told MLive, "There are rumors every single week, not just about trades, but teams or thoughts or maybe different comments that are put out in the media that aren't necessarily accurate. We do a good job of making sure we ignore all that stuff and focus on the details and make sure we have good communication all the way across the board."

The Lions played terrible against Seattle in their loss Sunday. They also have a rough division schedule coming up as they take on the Vikings on Sunday then the Bears two times in three weeks. If the Lions win these three games they are a contender for the playoffs but if they lose, the season will be over well a head of the end of the season.

Tate recently told the Detroit Free Press that both sides are close to an extension and optimistic about a long term agreement.

Tate said, "I expect to be here and I want to be here, but we'll see."



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