A recent grad from Howell got a big surprise at his open house-- Big Play Slay!

WDIV 4 reports that Detroit Lions Darius Slay visited Kameron Register's graduation party and even gave him the gloves he wore in the Pro Bowl!

Kam had tweeted the cornerback and invited him out to his party.

He then was shocked to see Slay actually walk around the corner while he was chowing down on a plate of pasta at his graduation party!

Kam told WDIV 4,

“I dropped my fork... My hands are all over the place. I say 'hi' to him and I turn around and run inside [and say] 'Darius, Darius-- on the porch!' Everyone comes outside, everyone starts taking pictures...


I sent him a message and it was, like, 30 minutes or something and he already responded. And then he told my mom how he saw the tweet. He was looking for football players to go train in and he saw the tweet and thought I was one of them. He’s the most humble guy I ever met. He took so many pictures. He signed anything and everything."

Kam shared that being a Lions fan can have its ups and downs, but he'll stick with his team, "Just him showing up. I don’t care  if they go 0-16 this year, I’m going to be a Lions fan.  There’s no reason not to be."

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