Michigan State Police are stepping up patrolling Detroit freeways due to a number of shootings that have been occurring since June of 2020.

Usually in the Motor City, shootings and drive by shooting tend to happen on the inner streats of the city.

According to FOX 17, for some reason in this year of the pandemic, there have been 27 shootings on metro Detroit freeways.

I don't understand why people are so quick to grab their gun in a fit of rage. I was always in the understanding that the point of carrying a concealed weapon was for protection if someone was attacking and threatening your life, not because they cut you off on a road.

There has been a variety of shooting incidents ranging from road rage, or people knew one another but many of the shootings have had no known motive and police want to put a stop to this sort of behavior.

I am very familiar with Detroit and like any major city, there are some really nice areas and there are some areas that can be very dangerous. It is good to know the difference and where both are located. The freeway shootings have been happening all around Metro Detroit freeways and not just in areas where violence tends to thrive.

If you plan on making a trip to D-town, the freeways that have seen the most shooting activity have on I-96 and Southfield Freeway. There is a high volume of traffic on I-96 and because of how the Southfield Freeway is designed, it lends itself more than usual driving incidents.

Some police believe some of the shootings have been happening on freeways because of all the cameras that are on normal city streets, shooters believe they are less likely to get caught on the freeway where there are much less cameras.

Police say most shootings usually involve some sort of altercation that led to a shooting and not just random shooters taking shots at random vehicles.

Since there really is no entertainment going on in the city of Detroit due to COVID-19 there is not much reason to visit unless your job takes you there and if that is the case, be safe and vigilant.

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