Going to the airport these days is never fun. Long lines, security clearance, baggage claims etc. But when authorities find something, it makes it all worth while.

According to WOOD, authorities were scanning luggage like they always do but this time spotted a grenade and boy did that draw a heavy law enforcement presence at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

DMA is located in the Detroit suburb of Romulus. Transportation Security Administration officers said they spotted what looked like a grenade inside someones luggage. That is when the area had to be cleared and the Calvary called in.

There is a piece of good news here, although the grenade probably should not have been in someone's luggage, it was an inert grenade that a service member was taking home.

Although the owner of the grenade turned out to be a service member, he was hit with a disorderly conduct charge because of the amount of disruption the incident caused the airport and emergency services that were called to help with the situation.

The airport went back to normal operations later on Thursday.

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