A man gets shot by a deputy from the Kent County sherriff's department and fires back with a $10 million lawsuit.

According to WOOD, Yusef Phillips was shot back in September of 2017 in Grand Rapids at Burton Landing's apartments. The sheriff showed up to arrest Phillips and another man for drug trafficking charges. That is when Sheriff Deputy Andrew Hinds ordered Phillips to the ground which he did not comply while reaching for his waistband and that is when Hinds fired a round into Phillips chest.

Phillips was severely injured and because of the shooting he has reduced mobility.

So now Phillips is suing the sheriff's department for failing to train and discipline Hinds as well as suing the deputy.

Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker did not charge Deputy Hinds with a crime because he said he could not prove that he wasn't acting in self defense. Even though Phillips only had a set of car keys on him at the time of the shooting.

Phillips was seriously injured. His lawsuit says he still has reduced mobility.

Later, authorities said the only thing Phillips could have had in his hands at the time of the shooting was a set of car keys.

Phillips is suing the Kent County Sheriff's department, Sheriff Lawrence and Deputy Hinds to cover medical expenses, on going disability, pain and suffering, psychological injures and all legal fees tied to the case.


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