The mosquito born Eastern Equine Encephalitis has been found in a deer in Eaton County Michigan.

According to FOX 17, a deer was found in Charlotte, Michigan, September 10 and was tested for EEE. The Barry Eaton District Health Department said the deer was confirmed to have EEE. Eaton County is now the 18th location in the state has a confirmed animal that has contracted the disease.

There have been 10 human cases of EEE so far in Michigan. Five of those confirmed have died from contracting EEE.

So far, the risk of a hunter eating venison and catching EEE is unknown. The DNR claims it is not likely that humans can get infected from coming in contact with deer blood since the disease is primarily transmitted by mosquitoes but doesn't say for sure if its impossible.

This is one time you may want to wish for the temperatures to get down around 28 and for about 4 days because that is the only way to shut down the threat of contacting EEE according to the Michigan Department of Health.

Bow hunters should really be careful out in woods until those temperatures get down low enough and long enough to kill off the infected skeets. You may want to invest in a bug suit similar to spring bear hunters in Canada or turkey hunters in the southern portion of the states.

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