Black Veil Brides were forced to cancel their show last night (Aug. 30) at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado due to technical issues, but they came up with a solution to appease the audience. Dee Snider has praised the band on how they handled the situation and called the move "classy."

Black Veil Brides are currently on the Trinity of Terror Tour with Motionless In White and Ice Nine Kills. Last night at Red Rocks, Black Veil Brides stepped out onto the stage and the crowd at Red Rocks went wild. Andy Biersack started off the announcement by saying, "Hi everybody, we're the Black Veil Brides" and the audience cheered, "Thank you so much for cheering for that, that's very nice of you. Uh so obviously, this is weird that we're out here talking to you and not playing rock songs."

"The reason being that unfortunately for us, we had technical issues and our gear did not arrive, so we have nothing to play with," Biersack says with his bandmates standing by his side. "So, we are extremely sorry we cannot play tonight but we love Denver, we love the Denver area so much we are going to do a free show on Thursday at the Oriental Theater for everybody who's here tonight." The crowd's applause was so loud that it actually cut him off before Biersack continued, "No charge, just come see us play and we will sing along with you guys."

He ends their announcement by saying, "So thank you so much, enjoy the rest of the night, enjoy the rest of the bands, thank you."

Snider's response to the video of the band's announcement was, "Did somebody say...classy? I did. Well done, gents, well done" while sharing the video.

Biersack then thanked Snider for sharing the video on Twitter, "Thanks so much Dee. That means a lot man. We are so bummed that this happened tonight and want to do whatever we can to make it up to the people who bought tickets and traveled and had hoped to see us play."

While the Denver show ran into issues, the Black Veil Brides will continue on their current run with Motionless in White and Ice Nine Kills. Get your tickets for shows here.

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