Polish death metal act Decapitated issued a statement last week addressing the 2017 incident in which they were arrested and detained on charges of rape and kidnapping while on tour in the United States. All charges were eventually dropped, with the band subsequently saying they were falsely accused.

Decapitated are currently plotting a new tour celebrating their 25th anniversary. But they've found that some are attempting to obstruct the upcoming concerts in several areas, using the 2017 incident as grounds. In response, the band cleared the air about that and several interrelated points last Saturday (July 17).

"Back in 2017 in the midst of our USA tour we had the worst experience of our lives during the time we got arrested and jailed after being falsely accused of sexual assault," Decapitated relayed on social media. "After all charges got dropped when evidence that would prove our innocence came to light and we were able to return to Poland, we made a short statement about the situation and had decided not to go into any sort of detail. The band had not been found guilty."

The statement continued, "Unfortunately, it has been brought to our attention that a small group of people, who know nothing about our case or have any connection to it or us, have been reaching out directly to some of our beloved U.K. venues and promoters of the 25 year anniversary EU/UK tour that we announced earlier this week, bringing up old articles from when we got arrested, in an attempt to cause damage to the band and our shows."

Not to downplay the plight of real victims, however, Decapitated added that they've recently "heard about several industry players" having come "under fire after severe allegations of unacceptable misconduct." The group said they "have nothing to do with [these allegations] and don't deserve to be dragged through the mud again."

Further, the group stressed that they've "never used and will never build their strategy and recognition, or look for media attention, by talking about [our] private [lives] … or provoking and offending others. But once and for all to set the record straight: We strongly stand with the victims of actual sexual abuse, homophobia, racism and strongly condemn any actions or sentiment of this kind, always! There is no room for this in our beloved metal community (or anywhere else)."

Still, Decapitated said, "false accusations do also happen and can also very easily and rapidly destroy lives, relationships and careers. Unfortunately, we've experienced this first hand and this keeps chasing us to this very day."

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, resources are available for help. Visit RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) online or call 800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673).

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