A Dearborn woman is facing decades in prison for her part in a $65 million coupon scheme, submitting fraudulent reimbursement claims to pharmaceutical companies.+

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Not Your Average Couponer

Suzan Berro was not the average 'couponer' who clips manufacturers' coupons in order to save a few bucks on groceries.

Berro worked as a medical biller for multiple pharmacies and authorities say she carried out the scheme for nearly a year.

The 23-year-old was convicted by a federal jury on charges including conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud in connection to the scheme, bilking pharmaceutical companies for more than $65 million through co-pay assistance programs.

Berro allegedly created fake prescriptions for fake patients, pairing them with the names and credentials of real doctors. The prescriptions were usually for high-end, expensive medications and the patients' names and addresses were curated from real estate lists.

Authorities tell Detroit's WDIV-TV that Berro would go to great lengths to make patient profiles seem real and would make sure the made-up patients and pharmacies were geographically close.

Berro was the lead on a ring of co-conspirators who are said to have submitted fraudulent claims to more than 40 pharmacies, most of which existed only on paper.

US Attorney Dawn Ison says it will take a long time to fully unravel Berro's scheme..

“This was a complicated scheme that abused dozens of programs established to help those who are legitimately unable to afford their medications,” Ison said. “Our office will continue to investigate and unravel these schemes, and will we vigorously pursue those who are responsible.”


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