Behold, the gag reel. Long a staple of the home video market, the gag reel was perhaps at its most popular in the 1990s, when Jackie Chan released a string of movies that included painful outtakes during the closing credits. When studios realized that they could package an entire DVD release around the special feature menu, the gag reel became a mainstay of any comedy releases over the last 15 years. And because Deadpool was one big improvised joke with enough physical humor to make Mel Brooks blush, it was a natural fit for the film’s Blu-ray release as well.

Here’s the good news: if you’ve been curious about the Deadpool gag reel but haven’t gotten around to picking up a copy of the film, don’t worry! More than a year later, JoBlo Movie Trailers (via Heroic Hollywood) has uploaded the whole thing for you to watch without needing anything other than a cell phone and a YouTube account. Ain’t living in the future just the best?

The highlights of this particular gag reel include Ryan Reynolds’ endless barrage of pop culture references and T.J. Miller’s attempts to craft the perfect putdown. There’s also some very awkward moments where Reynolds and co-star Morena Baccarin pause mid-fake-coitus to receive a few points of direction; you know that dream where you’re delivering a book report in class and you realize you’re not wearing any clothes? Yeah, that’s pretty much what we’re working with here.

All told, there’s enough humor here to keep even the most diehard Deadpool fan satisfied for another day, at least until we start getting a few more Deadpool 2 rumors to obsess over. Deadpool is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download. Or you can just wait for the next few years and hope every Deadpool special feature is eventually shared online. That’s certainly another approach worth taking.

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