Neon released a trailer for the upcoming David Bowie documentary Moonage Daydream – the first officially sanctioned production about the late artist.

Directed as a “cinematic experience” by Brett Morgen, the film arrives in theaters on Sept. 16, with TV airdate expected to follow.

In the clip, Bowie is heard saying, “You’re aware of a deeper existence – maybe a temporary reassurance that, indeed, there is no beginning, no end. And you find yourself struggling to comprehend a deep mystery.” Later he says, “Ever since I was 16 I was determined to have the greatest adventures any one person could ever have.” You can watch the trailer below.

“Throughout his career, across generations, Bowie taught us that our differences were our strengths,” Neon said in a statement. “With Moonage Daydream, Bowie provides us with a roadmap of how to survive the 21st century, inviting audiences to celebrate his legacy and enduring influence like never before.” Producers added, “Told through sublime, kaleidoscopic, never-before-seen footage, performances and music … [the] feature-length experiential cinematic odyssey explores David Bowie’s creative, musical and spiritual journey. The film is guided by David Bowie’s own narration.”

Morgen recently told Rolling Stone that, due to health issues, he was particularly cautious during the pandemic. “I’m too freaked out to be around anyone,” he said. “So I’m all alone trying to do this by myself … and yet I’m making a film on an artist whose stock in trade is how to be creative during periods of isolation. ... I didn’t see anybody for the first few months of the pandemic, but I saw David’s face every day when I woke up to go to work. It was almost like it was meant to be a piece of pandemic art. That was the only way it could be finished.”

He explained that the Bowie estate had given him final-cut privileges, so there might be parts of the movie they may not have wanted to be included. “[They] never told me I had to include this song or that or make any changes,” he said. “Right from the start, it was, ‘This isn’t David’s film. He’s not going to see it. This is David Bowie by Brett Morgen. Make it yours.’”

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