Megadeth are scheduled to (hopefully) release their new record The Sick, the Dying... and The Dead! on July 8. Ahead of the album, Dave Mustaine revealed the band are planning to release a new single "any day now," according to an interview with Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk.

"We know that the whole entire thing is scheduled for July 8," he says (via Metal Injection). "And the hopes are that we stay on schedule with that. And I know that we've got a single that is gonna be serviced to radio any day now. It's a song called 'Killing Time...' And it had to do with some of the situations that myself and the different band guys have gotten themselves into with the band over time... So that one, it's gonna be sent to radio, gosh, any day now."

Additionally, Mustaine spoke about his successful fight against cancer and how it affected his mentality toward playing live in an exclusive interview with Loudwire. “I feel, right now, healthier than I’ve felt since I was diagnosed,” Mustaine says. “I think my singing has improved and I think that’s gonna get way better too because I want it now. Before, I felt like I deserved it. Now, whether I deserve it or not, I fucking want it. I want to play, I want to go out and shred on my guitar and people go, ‘I can’t believe that he’s alive and doing that.’”

You can watch our exclusive chat with Mustaine about The Sick, the Dying... and The Dead!  below.

Dave Mustaine on The Sick, the Dying... and The Dead!

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