Glenn Danzig has always been a strange dude. From his early days bashing out crazy punk rock with the Misfits, to Samhain, to his solo Danzig days. He loves to take his specific sound of metal mixed with Elvis, and show lots of boobs in his videos. Lots of boobs.

This is something I can totally get on board with, actually.

Danzig's most recent album is called Skeletons, and features covers of some of his favorite bands...the skeletons of what made him who he is.

The first music video from the album is his NSFW cover of Black Sabbath's "N.I.B."...complete with more nipples showing than every Sabbath video put together. There's a little blood, some blood-drinking, and a bonfire. What creepy vid wouldn't be complete without a big bonfire, really?

Danzig has a history of graphic imagery, including the NSFW video for one of my favorite Danzig songs ever, "How the Gods Kill", which is a great song. It has a lot of Giger imagery, and the obligatory nekkid girls in, so you know it's a great video!

Are you down with the boobs in music videos?

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