Dan's Diner is leaving Grand Rapids for the lakeshore.

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Wood TV 8 reports that Dan's Diner in Cascade Township will have a new home at Hot Rod Harley-Davidson downtown Muskegon, overlooking Muskegon Lake.

Dan Chudik, who ran the iconic 1950s-style diner, shared that Dan's was shutting down last November, saying hardships during the pandemic lead to the closure.

Prior to Chudik taking over the restaurant in 2018, it was known as Pal's Diner, which had been operating on 28th Street since the mid-90s. According to Dan's Diner's website, Pal’s Diner was built in 1954 in Mahwah, New Jersey. The third owners, Barry and Sam Brown, moved the entire building, in one piece, to Grand Rapids in 1993 and re-opened in 1996.

And now Dan's Diner has new ownership: Scott Campbell and his father Mark Campbell, who also own Hot Rod Harley in Muskegon.

They're behind the move of the iconic diner to the dealership. According to Wood TV 8, they plan to restore Dan's Diner to its former glory, "fixing its neon signs and lighting and adding some historical elements." However, there are no plans as of yet to reopen it as a restaurant. It will serve more as an attraction for the area, and a place for photo ops.

Scott Campbell tells Wood TV 8 he envisions bikers and other travelers stopping by for photos and sunsets:

We’re just excited to create another attraction and also save the history of this diner and continue it on in the future.

They're preparing for the move now, having recently moved Dan's Diner off its foundation. Dan's is expected to make the move to Muskegon at the end of the month.

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