There's commitment and then there's COMMITMENT! While it's not uncommon these days to see people donning tattoos of their favorite bands, one Creedence Clearwater Revival fan went so far as to have the band's logo branded, yes branded, upon his chest. We should warn you that the video below is not for the squeamish.

While there may be some amount of uncomfortable sting that comes with getting a tattoo, it likely doesn't compare to the piping hot feel that comes with a branding. To exhibit how the pain threshold is pushed, looked no further than this guy, who goes by the name Jimmy, who has removed his belt to bite down upon as the branding iron is pressed upon his chest.

As the brand hits the flesh, steam starts to rise from his body with the letters CCR permanently marking his torso to the inside and above his right breast. This brave soul must be a fortunate son, as he springs to his feet right after the branding showing little reaction other than a few grunts and an exhale to the pain just endured. That said, he should be thankful that he chose only the initials rather than the full band name as it's a long one.

"It smells like burnt meat," says one person off screen.

The video, which has made its way onto Facebook, can be seen below via Reddit.

Video - Man Gets Chest Branded With Creedence Clearwater Revival Logo

Over the course of their four-year career, the John Fogerty-led Creedence Clearwater Revival released seven studio albums, three live albums and had 29 singles including such standouts as "Proud Mary," "Bad Moon Rising," "Green River," "Fortunate Son," "Down on the Corner," "Who'll Stop the Rain" and "Looking Out My Back Door" among others.

CCR split in 1972 and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

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