Researchers across the pond say they have a COVID-19 drug that has reduced deaths in patients who are severely ill by 35%.

According to WOOD, companies all across the world are trying to be the first in finding drugs and or a vaccine to fight COVID-19 but the researchers at the University of Oxford in England say a steroid called dexamethasone has been reducing deaths for those needing oxygen.

After nearly a month of treating over 2000 patients the deaths dropped by 35%. The drug was either taken orally or was given using an IV. The drug did not appear to help those who had lighter symptoms.

This is huge for those with severe cases of COVID-19 but unfortunately the drug does nothing for those who are a symptomatic or who have mild symptoms of the virus.

Its a start but only time will tell if there are any after effects from the drug or how it reacts to certain individuals.

Steroids are known to lower inflammation and this can help patients when their immune system goes into overreact mode trying to stop the infection. Sometimes this overreaction can lead to death.

The World Health Organization does not recommend using steroids because they say it slows the healing process to get rid of the virus.

Hopefully sooner than later a better drug or even a vaccine is discovered to work in the fight against the coronavirus. Many patients and even doctors and medical staff are volunteering in testing that have contracted COVID-19.

Meanwhile the spread of the virus continues to rise as many states have reopened. Hopefully people play it safe by wearing masks, staying away from crowds and continue to self quarantine and wash hands because right now that is all we have to slow the spread.

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