Hospitals all around West Michigan are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases.

It seems every time the state makes a move to lighten up precautions and open something up, within 30 days we see a rise in coronavirus cases.

According to FOX 17, Spectrum Health has almost double the amount of COVID-19 patients in just two weeks.

Folks I have to tell you, this is not good especially when flu season really hasn't kicked in yet but any day now we will have that to deal with too.

I would like you to just forget about politics and political parties for a moment and lets just be Americans, let's be humans and let's show some respect for our family, friends, seniors and co-workers.

Ok, that being said. If you are not an epidemiologist then you, like me, have no experience in dealing with infectious diseases. I also don't have any experience working on my vehicle's transmission. So when I have a problem with my vehicle, I call my mechanic, he checks it out and then gives me a diagnosis for my vehicle. I also trust his answer.

This goes the same for doctors, health officials, scientists and especially epidemiologists. I have no degree in any of those roles and nor do politicians so we all have to trust their word.

The scientists have told us all, in order to cut down on the spread of the disease, WE ALL need to wear a mask when in public. Now I didn't like wearing a seatbelt when they passed that law. I also didn't plan to overthrow my government because I didn't like wearing a seatbelt I just put it on out of safety concerns and now I feel naked if I don't have one on. It is really that simple when it comes to wearing a mask.

The scientist who specialize in infectious diseases say to social distance from other and avoid crowds. People these are elementary instructions and I don't understand why people have so much trouble with this.

Keeping hands cleaner than usual and not touching your face and using hand sanitizer when not near a sink, again these are elementary instructions on how to stay safe.

How about staying out of large groups as well. We all know it is safer to stay out of large groups, we see this happen all the time, people get together in large groups, it almost always leads to becoming a super spreader event so why chance it, the science says otherwise.

Look I don't want any businesses to close or any to lose their jobs, be if we don't get a handle on this and get it under control, a lot more businesses are gonna close and a lot more people will be out of work. This is not a political message, this is a fact of nature when dealing with an infectious disease.

If WE ALL don't agree to these simple guidelines, we will never get out of this mess. Look I love concerts and being around lots of other people just like anyone else, but at some point we all will have to make the necessary sacrifices to slow the spread down to nothing so we can all get our lives back.

Men and women went to war and made the ultimate sacrifice so we could have a free country. Let's show them some respect and follow some simple rules and go to war against COVID-19, and let's win this war together and Americans.

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