I know it's crazy to say during a pandemic that there are some silver linings, but from what I have seen, there are.

When COVID-19 came along, for me, it was something I have only seen from afar, you know, the kind of thing you see in a movie or hear about in another part of the world.

At first, I didn't know what to think - will I lose my job? What will happen with my sons? My parents? Family members? Will I have to fend off others trying to take my stuff like in The Walking Dead?I know the last one seems kind of crazy but I did have a dream about something like that happening.

I have a job where it's best that I stay positive because others seek out the radio station to get away from the gloom and doom of life to help make their day go by.

Now I'm in no means downplaying the losses people have suffered, either with a loved one passing, getting incredibly sick or someone losing their job. Our health care workers have endured so many obstacles during this pandemic and I can't imagine what they have gone through along with their families. I know it's tough out there for so many on so many levels.

After about thirty days of trying to figure this coronavirus out and where my place in all of this is, I started noticing some things.

The obvious one - the weather has been incredible during this time here in West Michigan. With people being locked down, the weather has at least allowed them to get outside either in their yard or in a park or just walking around the block.

I have seen more families walking and talking together and that was something I didn't see as much of before the pandemic.

I have seen a lot of people helping people, businesses converting their business to help others while trying to help keep themselves going.

People are now taking their health even more seriously than before the pandemic. Eating better, working out, walking, jogging, biking, swimming, etc.

When I'm shopping I have noticed some things are not in stores, not because of hoarders but because families are cooking and eating together more at home. I'm not gonna leave out that the virus has hit our restaurants and bars extremely hard because it has.

Many have gotten a lot of projects around their homes and apartments completed that would have normally maybe not been done because of distractions.

People seem to have more of a focus on all things unlike pre-pandemic.

I know I have learned to appreciate many things a whole lot more.

Even when the riots hit downtown Grand Rapids on one evening, I saw firsthand the humanity of the community when its families came downtown and on their own help clean the city.

So during this tough time, look for those positive moments in and around in your life and appreciate them even more.

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