Though Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva are officially divorced, there are still a few legalities to be sorted out between the extended families of both parties. Silva recently included his former mother-in-law, Courtney Love, in a lawsuit, claiming that she "entered into a conspiracy with several people to break into his home, beat him up, kidnap him and try to murder him" in order to gain possession of Kurt Cobain's prized guitar from the MTV Unplugged taping that had become a bone of contention in the divorce settlement. Now, Silva's other ex-, Jessica Sullivan, who has a child with the musician, claims that once the relationship soured between Frances and Isaiah, she too was harassed by Love and manager Sam Lufti.

According to a report from celeb gossip site TMZ, Sullivan had lived with Cobain and Silva at one point in 2014 and when the relationship went south, Sullivan claims that Love and Lufti had initially tried to bribe her to take Frances' side and when that didn't work, the threats allegedly began.

In the lawsuit documents, Sullivan claims that Lufti called her in June of 2016 stating, "I'll put you in the street you fucking cunt. You die, fucking bitch whore," later adding, "Your kid will be in an orphanage." She also claims that Love and Lufti also put an ad in Craigslist advertising her puppy as free, leading to a flood of phone calls. Sullivan has filed suit for stalking and emotional distress.

Back in June of 2016, Silva reported to police that he had been accosted by Lufti. According to the report, Silva stated that Lufti and another suspect grabbed him and carried him to a car, then allegedly taking his phone. When Silva protested going with them, the report claims that Lufti and the other suspect used bodily force.

The police report stated that Silva's phone and some glass windows were lost or smashed and while the incident reportedly took place on June 3, 2016, Silva did not file a report until five days later.

As was recently reported, Silva retained possession of Cobain's prized guitar in the divorce settlement. He had claimed that Frances gifted him the instrument as a wedding present.

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