Courtney Love seems to be a fan of singing contest shows on TV. She likes them so much that she is considering letting the British version of The X Factor feature Nirvana songs on the program.

NME reports that the widow of Kurt Cobain tweeted an offer to show producer Simon Cowell to have contestant Janet Devlin give her take on a Nirvana track.

Love was referring to Cobain's ancestors originating from the village of Inishative in Northern Ireland which is close to Gortin, the home of Janet Devlin.

To the displeasure of many Nirvana fans, Love has owned the rights to the band's music since Cobain's suicide in 1994. Producers of The X Factor are reportedly surprised by Love's willingness to lend Nirvana tunes for the show. Programs like The X Factor and American Idol already have a tough time trying to secure well known songs for contestants.

If you're worried about the possibility of this happening, the elimination of Devlin during Saturday night's episode might make you feel better. Watch Devlin cover the Red Hot Chili Peppers classic "Under The Bridge" below.

Love has managed to stay in the spotlight for the past month, which started with her onstage meltdown in Brazil during a Hole show. Unfortunately for her, the publicity hasn't exactly put her in a positive light.

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