When I was a kid I used to slay the fish but since becoming an adult, it seems my skills and luck are just getting worse.

I love to fish and don't get to go often but I go as much as I can to try and scout lakes and rivers to find spots to take my son.

Since returning to Michigan I have ice fished, pan fished, bass fished, went for steelhead several times and even tried for some walleye last night and have really had no luck at all.

It seems the older I get, the nicer the gear I have and the more options I have in my tacklebox to go after just about any fresh water fish, but I just can't seem to get the job done.

Now I admit that I had a couple good days getting some pan fish last spring and summer with my son but when it comes to big game fish I am striking out.

Now this is not a pitty party by no means, I'm just saying that I have yet to have that day like so many I had in the past.

I have talked to the guy at the bait store, my neighbor, other guys on the water near me and have learned a lot. But what is working for them, is just not working for me.

What is crazy is that I will be using the exact same bait, fish the same way and have guys catch fish on both sides of me. Heck last night, I walleye fished for hours and not get a hit and had guys show up and catch them on both sides of me.

Well I guess that old saying of, "if fishing was easy they would just call it catching", rings really true, especially for me these days.

I'm not gonna give up because I know the fish are there but if anyone knows where a good luck tree is planted, let me know.

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