So far this spring and summer have been more like the fall but things could be gradually warming up over the next two weeks.

According to MLive, there are a few things to look forward to next week and the following week where we may have a few days that actually feel like summer. It will not be a massive war up but more like how it should have felt at the beginning of June.

In a few weeks there may even bee a few days of above average temperatures.

Over the next ten days the hot weather in the southeast parts of the United States will begin to find the Midwest. So we may finally get some 80 degree weather but on the lower side of the 80's...but if your working outside, that isn't too bad.

So areas of Michigan will be getting a taste of warmth starting this Sunday.

Just be prepared that this is still going to be a comfortable summer which means its not going to get too hot or for long periods of time either but if you have a lot of outdoor projects...this will be a great summer to get them completed without having to sweat your brains out.

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