Scientists and computer programmers are pushing the envelope of everything right now, faster than ever before, and coming up with some of the most amazing things we've seen! Well, until about a month from now, when someone comes up with another amazing thing.

Check out the video above, where a programmer shows how a computer has learned how to play Breakout on its own, and then learned how to not only play the game, but strategize how to get the highest score possible! It figures out the trick we all eventually figure out, creating a tunnel on one side to let the ball bounce around on top of the bricks.


They hooked it up to the game, and then left it alone to figure out how to play. Within 30 minutes, its beginning to get the idea of how to play, but after an hour, its figured out how to play. After another hour, its gotten the game down, and can kick a human's ass.

I hear a challenge for Metalhead Ned there!

So the programmers decided to leave the computer playing the game for another few hours, and it had figured out all the skills and tricks that humans use to win the game and get high scores.

Get more information, and read all the sciency stuff on the learning machine at!

The learning machines are getting better and smarter every day, and soon we will all have an AI controlling our lives, and then a nuclear war, and then Terminators!

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