"I and about ~15 other people got kicked out of Belknap last night by the GRPD. It wasn't even 7 pm yet, it wasn't even dark yet, and the lights in the park hadn't even turned on yet."

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That was the complaint posted on Grand Rapids Redditt. Lavaswimmer added,

 "I used to love Belknap park, but they're making it impossible to use at its prime hours (sunset) without getting kicked out by the police."

The post generated over 100 comments. Some were defending the police presence, others were agreeing with the original poster.

WeirdUncleJerry stated,

"The local community has been quite upset about the activity in the park after dark. They asked police to intervene. This is their response."

WhenitsaysLibby's said,

"I believe the neighbors had been complaining about activity during the night. I read there were people being noisy, disruptive and other criminal activity. Sunset is listed for today as at 6:41 so I suppose they were technically in the right to kick people out."

DiamondsteinBP corrected,

"Not that it really matters, but I believe you're referring to Reservoir park or Lookout park. Belknap park is at the bottom of the hill where the baseball fields, pickleball and bike polo courts are. Belknap park typically doesn't see a lot of policing down there."

Belknap Park closes at sunset. Kent County parks similarly open at 7am and close at sunset.

A complete list of the Parks rules can be found here.

“The public parks of the City of Grand Rapids shall generally be open to the public between sunrise and sunset of each and every day except as to those parks designated by the Director of Parks and Recreation to be open during other hours to be determined by the Director. It shall be unlawful for any person, except those persons authorized by the Director of Parks and Recreation, to enter, be in or remain within the public parks after sunset on one day or before sunrise on the following day except where other hours are authorized by the Director of Parks and Recreation.”

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