Big vote today in Grand Rapids on the regulations for the sale and production of medical marijuana.

According to WOOD TV, the commissioner are looking at two plans, one that is very limited that was proposed by government and the other that is a more open plan that was put together by the public appointed planning commission.

There is an attempt on Tuesday of merging the two plans that the commission will vote on.

All of the plans locally will hinge upon the statewide vote on recreational marijuana that will be on the ballot in November.

The plan states that zoning for just over 200 sites in the city and just over 40 medical marijuana business locations.

If the vote passes in November, the city would zone for over 1200 sites and nearly 100 marijuana stores.

Of course, not everyone in the community agrees with the plan. You can expect a delayed vote from the Kent County Prevention Coalition who are concerned about the risk of marijuana on young people.

Results of the today's vote will be announced later today.


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