The college football Senior Bowl took place over the weekend. The Senior Bowl is basically an all-star game for players who have finished their college eligibility and are trying to get invited to the NFL Combine and eventually picked in the NFL Draft.

So for some of them, a career in the NFL is on the line in this game.

Alex Flanagan was covering the Senior Bowl for the NFL Network and was in the middle of a sideline interview with a player named Shaquem Griffin from the University of Central Florida. Halfway through the interview, other players and coaches started yelling at Griffin, which made him realize he was supposed to be on the field for the play that was taking place at the time! Oops! He quickly ditched the interview, grabbed his helmet and started to run out on to the field. But it was too late.

Everyone seemed to take it in stride, so hopefully, this won't be a mark against Griffin with any teams that could potentially draft him!

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